A God send mi inna the studio, Ele says of new song Dance 'N' Move

Word on the streets is that it’s Elephant Man’s time again, and the flamboyant dancehall deejay is crediting the Almighty with placing him in the right place at the right time to voice what is being touted as his next mega single. The song, Dance ‘N’ Move, was recorded at Kings of Kings studio two weeks ago, the same studio where producer Skatta recorded Ele’s huge hit, Sweep, in 2009.
“Imagine, a right here mi haffi come back and find mi big tune,” the boisterous Ele said during the recording session at the Iley Dread-owned Kings of Kings studio in St Andrew.
From the moment Ele drove into the studio and heard the bouncy Double Up riddim, the acknowledged Energy God was spiralled into motion. “This riddim just mek me want to dance and move,” he declared with his infectious excitement.
And that is exactly what he did, from 9pm until 4:00 the following morning when he completed the song and exited the studio with a sense of accomplishment. Naturally, there was no other name for this Kings of Kings single which highlights three of the current dancehall dance moves and their creators but Dance ‘N’ Move. Early predictions are that the entire dancehall will soon be vibrating topsy turvy with this Elephant Man dance classic.
According to co-producer Damian ‘Tef’ Forbes, Elephant Man knew exactly what he wanted and how he wanted this song to play out. “We brought in Jiggy Ras to show the dance moves while Ele looked at him a filled in the lyrics. It was creativity at its best. Positive energy just took over in the studio from Ele drove in and heard the riddim,” Forbes explained.
He also noted that instead of using the regular six tracks, which is the standard for recording a dancehall song, they ended up using 30 tracks, because that was the level of production that Ele demanded. “Four to six is standard, but people like Beenie Man and Sean Paul use 30 tracks for their recordings and Caution and I were only too willing to go along with what Elephant demanded because at the end of the day, we want the best possible product that will stand the test of time,” Forbes explained
Dance ‘N’ Move is already endorsed by two of dancehall’s leading selectors – Foota Hype, who was in studio for part of the recording session and Boom Boom.
Plans are in the pipeline to shoot the accompanying music video which will showcase the creativity of the dancers who play such an integral role in dancehall music.
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